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You are aware that we sell Zebra hides but did you know that we also have a Zebra hide handbag range?  
It is vital to know that we only trade with the African Burchell Zebra which is not an endangered species. African Burchell Zebras reach up to 12 years of age with body stripes extending around the belly and then being less prominent on the legs less. A Burchell measures up to 1.4 meters tall and could weigh up to 320 Kgs. The Berlin Zoo initially recorded its extinction in 1918, however, reports soon followed that sightings were recorded out in the wild, thriving in abundance around Etosha and Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

When we sell a Burchell Zebra hide, we provide a supporting permit from Cape Nature (our regulating authority), confirming that our hides are sustainably sourced, treated and free from any diseases which makes them safe for export. 

Our Burchell Zebra skins range from Grade AA to C in different price categories.  


Did you know that we also sell Springbok hides and handbags?

The Springbok South Africa's national animal and it is easily spotted on our National rugby team’s sports attire. It symbolises unity within our rainbow nation. This little antelope is commonly found in the dry areas of the South and Western Africa, throughout the Kalahari desert and into Namibia and Botswana.  
 The Springbok is also featured on the reverse of the South African Kruger Rand coin.

We also have a variety of wild hides and cushion covers that you will love! 

We have gorgeous Hartebeest and Wildebeest hides in stock. From a variety of hides to cushion covers, you can shop for far more than just a handbag with us. Give your home that African feel with a wild animal rug and cushion covers on your sofa.  



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