Caring for your Ostrich Leather Products

How to care for your ostrich leather products?

It is vital to know how to take care of your ostrich leather items to ensure that it lasts you a lifetime. Ostrich leather has been dyed to have a natural texture and look by using only transparent “dyestuff” (the colouring used for specific leathers for improved absorption). This however means that the leather is naked (forever porous) and will be changeable if exposed to excessive sunlight and moisture that could cause staining.

Each and every hide will differ in colour, the shade of the colour can be either lighter or darker as every hide will react differently to the treatment and tanning.

Here are a few guidelines to keep your ostrich leather looking at its best at all times:

1. Keep ALL your leather products free from dust by storing in a protective cloth bag.
2. Do not store in a plastic bag as leather needs to “breathe”.
3. Should the product accumulate some dust or debris just wipe with a clean, damp cloth.
4. Never use any soap or detergent to clean the product.
5. Do not store in direct sunlight or under sharp artificial light.
6. Avoid storing in a damp closet, the environment should be cool but dry.
7. Do not allow cosmetics, perfumes or hand creams to come in contact with the leather.
8. Any accidental oil stains should immediately be treated with talcum powder which should absorb the oil and draw most of it out of the product.
9. Do not over fill your product as leather will stretch but will not return to its original shape.
10. Overfilling also puts stress on the stitching and will cause damage in the long term.
11. Do not use any chemicals such as scotch guard products unless tested and approved.
12. Should you wish to “feed” the leather by using a leather cream, first test it on a less visible area to make sure it does not discolour the leather.
13. Should your product get wet, do not dry with heat. Let the product dry slowly under natural circumstances.
14. As with any product the thread used will deteriorate over time causing breakage of the stitching, this is normal wear and tear.

It is so important to remember that any genuine leather product will age with time. Meaning it will change colour and get a character of its own during normal use. Taking care of your leather products will ensure that they last a lifetime, remain supple and will increase their durability.
Ostrich leather is the softest and most comfortable of the “exotic” leathers. It wears well and resists scratching and scuffing – a combination of softness and toughness.

Also remember when shopping for your ostrich leather product that the size of quill bumps depends on the age of animal and the portion of the hide from which the leather is cut. Ostrich is that ideal combination of durability and wearability which makes it the perfect leather for almost anything!

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